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| current status  = Active
| current status  = Active
| location    = New Delhi, India
| location    = New Delhi, India
| homepage        = http://realestatetimes.in
| homepage        = http://www.realestatetimes.in

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2LetService, was a division of Solution Point, a real estate listings portal that provided a common platform for property buyers & sellers to locate properties. The domain was abandoned, moved and merged with RealEstateTimes.in.


RealEstateTimes.in has initiated and populated many real listing ideas which are used by many new portals currently advertised in this market.


Apart from posting and searching for buying, selling & renting of properties, users have access to many related services.

RealEstateTimes.in mobile

In July 2011, RealEstateTimes.in introduced the mobile website with features like mobile searches for property, agent, builder and price trends. It also came up with an interface for the mobile users to post their properties, upload property photos and videos, edit details and repost listings.

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