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As a Reseller of Solution Point, you can view the entire Action History of all the domain names Registered by your Customers and Sub-Resellers i.e., a log of all the Actions that have been performed on each domain name. To View Action History

Login to your Control Panel. 1

Search for the domain name and proceed to the Order Details view. 2

On the top right of the screen under the Actions tab, you will have the following options:

Current Actions: This will display a list of all Pending Actions as well as any Action performed on the domain name within the last 24 hours.

Archived Actions: This will display a list of all Completed Actions which are more than 24 hours old.

Note :The Current Actions and Archived Actions links allow you to view the Action History for all Products and Services relevant to the domain name.

The following details would be displayed for each Action:

Action Id: It is the unique Id for each Action performed under our System.

Order Id: This is the Order on which the Actions are being performed.

Description: This briefly describes the Action that was performed.

Status: This column shows whether the Action was successful or not.

Added On, Started On and Completed On: These 3 columns show the respective dates, along with the time stamp for the Action.

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